Month: January 2018

Best 5 Cocktails Without Alcohol

Nonalcoholic cocktails are known as mocktails (mock cocktails). The word “mock” implying a façade of the alcoholic cocktail without any of the alcoholic content.  Mocktails are made by mixing different fruit juices, iced tea or soft drinks and are great for adults and kids as it has no alcohol. These drinks are a perfect alternative

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10 Most Delicious Cocktails In The World

A cocktail is a mixture of two or more types of drinks. There are three types of cocktails including: into highball, duo, and trio. When a mixed drink contains only a distilled spirit and a non-alcoholic mixer, such as fruit juice or soda, it is a highball. When a cocktail contains only a distilled spirit

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The Best Cocktails to Relax and Unwind

When it comes to cocktails, there are endless amounts of mixes and variations to try. If you’re out at a restaurant or bar, there are always new drinks on the menu to try out. When you’re shopping for ingredients to make your favorite drinks at home, there’s rum, tequila, whiskey, and bourbon to choose from,

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