Month: February 2018

History of Cocktails

In summary, we can easily and quickly describe cocktail as a mixture of alcoholic drinks, but that alone will not be enough. Cocktails could be mixtures of alcohol and juice with other fruits or it can also be a mixture of alcohol with juice or and iced tea. Due to the fashionable and trendy paths

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Best Cocktail Bars in the United States

Owing to the fact that there had been an increase in the desire for cocktails that had led to an increase in cocktail revival, a lot of bars and restaurants has imputed a lot of efforts into what goes into your cup. These bars are proud of their development and take pride in sourcing of

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Trendy Cocktail and Preparations

Yes! Its the beginning of the year and I think its finally time to upgrade your cocktail menu to the latest in the season. I know you don’t want a drink that is best served right next to a fireplace or such, I think you deserve a cool, refreshing and well prepared cocktail, a drink

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