3 Amazing Places to Have Cocktail in Dartmouth

Are you new in Dartmouth and you are not familiar with the pubs and cocktail bar? Or are you driving by and wondering where you could have a nice cocktail with a plate of delicious chops? Worry no more as we bring to you three great places was you could have a cocktail in Dartmouth.

Lot Six Cocktail Bar

The Lox Six cocktail bar is located around Halifax Dartmouth and offers to its customer’s cocktail bar, seafood restaurant, and a winery. If you are around Halifax and want an amazing time having a cocktail, then you should visit Lot Six the restaurant is located in a wonderful spot with breathtaking interiors with good ambiance. The services are first class as they ensure you are well treated to your favourite order. They also have a live jazz band to fill the room with classical background music for you to be released will you sip away from your glass of cocktail. Lot Six offers a great variety of menus that will leave you very confused if you actually did not make a choice while coming. Their food is good, the cocktails are nice, and the attendants are also cheerful. They also offer Happy hours where you get 6 drinks and 6 snacks to choose from and eat from the atrium. With varieties of drink and snacks, you are sure to have a good time here.

Highwayman Bar

Another amazing location for a good cocktail glass is the Highwayman bar located at downtown Halifax, very close to Dartmouth. The restaurant offers cocktail bar and varieties of tapas/ small plates for you to indulge while having a good time. The location is very nice and reserved for those who love seclusion. The kitchen is nice and very creative, you get to watch the chefs make your meal. The noise level is good except for the noise from the bartenders when they are mixing drinks. The shaken down cocktails are also very good. The small plates are superb with a wide range of options to down your hunger. The only downside to this great bar will be the pacing and the speed of service. Because the chefs prepare your meal as you order so it might take a while for you to actually get started. If you are very hungry, you can find this factor very unconvincing. Apart from this, the bar provides excellent service to its customers, friendly waiters and bartender, delicious food and a wide variety of cocktails and tapas.

The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

Another awesome location to have a good cocktail drink accompanied with delicious chops is at the old triangle Irish alehouse. This bar is located very close to Dartmouth and is said to be the centrepiece of great food and culture in Dartmouth. The food is great, the bar makes delicious meals all year round. They also offer a variety of cocktails and other drinks. You are guaranteed to have a great time when you visit as the services rendered here will make you feel at home.

Cocktail drink
Cocktail drink

So, when next you stop by at Dartmouth, be sure to visit any of this cocktail bars for a good time and you will not regret stopping by.