Awesome Tips to Decorate Cocktails

We all agree that, no matter how striking that drink loos, if it isn’t tasty, the decoration will not help at all. But this doesn’t mean that dedicating time to decorate your cocktails is useless. On the contrary, a little something can enhance any drink, giving it color, glamour and make it more beautiful.

To decorate a cocktail, you don’t need too much stuff. You can opt for sober and minimalist styles for the most classic drinks or a colorful Caribbean style to feel as if you were on the beach. The coolest thing of all is that these tips can be adapted to your favorite preparations and drinks, without effort!

Keep reading and you’ll find several ideas and tips to decorate cocktails, like the best pro bartenders and surprise all your guests in a cocktail party, like the ones people threw in the 1960s. Go ahead!

Use fruits

The options are many. Slices of lemon, orange or lime, and other fruit in small chunks can be used to decorate the pitchers or glasses of the drink, as in the traditional sangria. It’s also useful to give a little color to the edge of a drink, for example with a whole strawberry, a cherry or a piece of pineapple.

Another alternative is to make a skewer with the fruit used to flavor the cocktail, you can also decorate it with a spiral made with the skin of an orange or a lemon, cut the skin into thin strips and twist it, place one end of the spiral inside the cup or glass and the rest around or outside the cocktail. Don’t forget to wash the fruit properly.

Give Life to The Edge of The Cup

It’s very easy to do and gives a really unique appearance to any drink. Choose ingredients that blend with the cocktail. For example, for spicy drinks, soak the rim of the glass with lemon and then place it on a plate with salt or chili powder.

For sweet drinks, you can use honey, grenadine, mint, blue curacao or even canned whipped cream to dip the edge of the cup and minced nuts, coconut, sugar, or sparks to finish. Imagination is the limit. Melted chocolate is also delicious at the rim of some creamy drinks.

Garnish and Aromatize with Flowers and Spices

The typical is to use leaves of mint, peppermint or even basil to give flavor and color to a drink. But there are other options such as celery sticks, cinnamon, and even flower petals. Or better yet, the whole flowers.

In some of the cocktails with a thicker texture and, very commonly, those that contain ingredients such as milk or cream, you can sprinkle as a decoration on the mixture, certain granulated ingredients such as cinnamon, grated chocolate, nutmeg, great for giving an extra touch to any winter drink.

Garnish Aromatize
Garnish Aromatize

The Wow Factor

There are many creative ideas that can be used to serve cocktails, one that is super “in” is to place fruit popsicles inside the glasses, can be it on cocktails like mimosas, wine spritzers, and others. It’s super simple to perform and the results will give something to talk to your guests.

Ice is also a basic element to prepare cocktails. And if you know how to decorate it, much better. Some ideas include ice with small fruits inside it (like blackberries, cranberries or cherries), herbs, flowers, it’s even a good idea to freeze juices, liqueurs or wine for a refreshing sangria that keeps its flavor.

Remember that the decoration of the cocktails has to be attractive but not exaggerated, there are rules but they exist to break it. Hope these tips serve as an inspiration to improve your bartending game and enjoy responsibly.