Best Cocktail Bars in the United States

Owing to the fact that there had been an increase in the desire for cocktails that had led to an increase in cocktail revival, a lot of bars and restaurants has imputed a lot of efforts into what goes into your cup. These bars are proud of their development and take pride in sourcing of boutique spirits, creating an attractive and wonderful drinks that will not only captivate the interest of their patrons, but also keep them coming to ask for more. Below are some of the best cocktail bars in the US.

Bar Agricole

Bar Agricole is at San Fransisco, and it is a hideaway.  First rate libations and creative food can be enjoyed here. The Gin Daisy that comprises of genever, lemon ,and an house made strawberry shrub is a classic cocktail that cab be sipped in this bar. You would also be rewarded by the seasonal California menu, if u decide to stay and eat.


This bar located at Boston is just the best!. All you need to do when you get there is to tell the mixologist what your favorite drink is, and before you know it, they will prepare something of your taste and flavor preferences. House made charcuterie, chip and dip with caviar, streak tartare with turtle aiölli, and so on are some of the features if the kitchen in this bar. The building was formerly a warehouse used for storing wool, before it was converted into a cocktail bar.

The Broken Shaker

This bar which is a mixology mecca is located on a garden Paradise, very far from Miami’s South Beach Clubs. Hand crafted cocktails are produced seasonally from the herbs supplied by an onsite garden which is edible. Although the drinks rotates daily also, but you may still come in contact with old fashioned spiced strawberry. Beef Jerky, Double Bavoon, cheeseburger and hummus are included in the Bar bites.

Williams and Graham

The entrance to this bar is behind a faux bookcase. If you don’t want to be on a kind way queue, waiting for the Denver Speakeasy Williams and Graham, it is advised that if you can’t make reservations, then you have to arrive early. The Chain Express prepared with woody Creek vodka, Avua Amburana Cachcaca, lemon juice, Chain rooibos tamarind syrups, egg white and Angostura bitters are some of the fascinating ingredients featured in the concoctions

The Violet Hour

What makes The Violet hour a kind of bar where you will find an unusual type of cocktail bus not unconnected with its hidden entrance, crystal chandeliers, curtains that runs from ceiling to the floor and its leathered seats. The cocktail mixtures in Violet Hour includes the fretted strings that was made with Sandeman Ruby Port, Averna, Jim Beam Rye, Tobacco bitters and Coffee brown sugar syrup.

The Walker Inn

This Inn can be accessed via a secret door at the back or Normandie Club in Los Angeles. This is one Bar that serves no food! Who cares about the food when there is plenty to drink?!