Cocktail Glasses and Their Purposes

Of all the things that are rapidly growing in popularity these days, cocktails are definitely one of them. People have always loved to have a drink with friends and family, but the idea of craft cocktails are now becoming more and more popular among both the young and the old. This rise in popularity also brought on an increase in all the types of cocktail glasses that are now used to serve up the drinks. As there had been an undeniable rise in cocktail glasses, it is now very important and very necessary to know the kind or type of glass to use, and for what cocktail it is to be used. While to some they may not care what glass is used for what drink it does make a difference and a good bar man will know which glasses to use for which drinks. Most lovers of cocktails store lots of elegant cocktail glasses at their homes, which they may only use for some special occasions. Some may be doing this just for fun, but other are majorly doing it for purpose and respect, with the aim of making their drinks look a bit more beautiful. Now, let us mention some of the different cocktail glasses that are often used and what their exact purpose is when it comes to drinking.

Couple Glasses

Also, more often known as a martini glass, it is a cone-like shape glass cup which was originally designed for serving champagne and this glass dates back as far as the late 17 centuries. Its large surface area that carbonates the champagne quickly, making it unsuitable to drink is one of the shortfalls of the martini glass. However, it is still being used by alcohol lovers for stirred and or shaken cocktails and of course martinis.

Old Fashioned Glass

This glass popularly known as Tumbler, Rock Glass and Low Ball got its name from a classic cocktail made directly from the glass. The first set of these glasses were very small that they could only hold up to about two to three ounces of whiskey, but was later increased in size and now it can hold up to about five to ten ounces of whiskey. They are used for many cocktails that are made and served in same glass.

Highball Glass

Another name for this glass is Delmonico, some call it Highball or Collins glass. Each name given according to variety of cocktail glass with same basic shape. The highball is usually slightly flared, short and wider, while Collins is a straight glass, although narrow and taller. They are used to serve mostly mixed drinks, such as Jack and Cokes, Moscow Mules, Dark ”n” Stormy, etc.

Highball Glass
Highball Glass

Shot Glass

As the name implies, this is a very small and shot glass that is majorly used in college parties. They come in different shapes, but are majorly very small and can only hold little amount of liquor. They are most idea in serving drinks to be consumed in a single gulp.