Forgotten but Great Spanish Cocktails

There are so many tasty Spanish cocktails and drinks beyond sangria and gin tonic, but people are afraid to try them usually. It is time to give some lesser-known Spanish cocktails such as Sol y Sombra, Agua de Valencia, and Carajillo to show their magic. Have you ever heard of them? If these names sound unfamiliar, you can try them in Spain or prepare a little fiesta for yourself at home right now.

How to Make Carajillo?

The first and very easy recipe is for a cocktail called Carajillo. Basically, this drink is coffee with any kind of brandy or rum. If you go to an old-school bar, the bartender often just gives you a cup of espresso coffee and then put a shot of brandy in it. However, we recommend a little bit more of a cheesy version of it, so you will need a few coffee beans, a stick of cinnamon, and lemon zest.

How to Make Carajillo
How to Make Carajillo

The first step is to make some strong espresso. Then measure about 50 milliliters of brandy. Put other ingredients into a little pot, pour the brandy on them, and put everything on a little heat for a while. The idea is to let the other ingredients infuse into the brandy. When this mixture is already hot but not boiling, you have to burn it for a few seconds to make the flavor stronger but less boozy. Then pour the mixture with ingredients into a glass, add a shot of espresso coffee on it, and enjoy the rich taste that is slightly sweet and dizzy like a hot afternoon in Spain.

How to Make Agua de Valencia?

Summer breeze in Valencia, shadows of palm trees, white sand beaches, sunny days, and the taste of fresh oranges: this is what the second cocktail will try to tell you. This drink was invented in 1959 by some local bartender and it became a hit in the 1970s. Basically, Agua de Valencia is made of four ingredients: fresh orange juice, gin, vodka, and the most important is dry Spanish sparkling wine cava. If talking about the exact proportions, it would go as the following: 1/3 orange juice, 1/3 cava, 1/6 gin, 1/6 vodka. To make all the flavors combine, put it in a fridge for an hour. This cocktail is extremely tasty, fresh, and strong – just perfect for a good holiday mood, so you will want to dance after a glass or two!

How to Make Sol y Sombra?

The two key ingredients of the third cocktail are brandy and anis. The direct translation of the title is ‘sun and shade’ and that is why the main ingredients are dark and bright. A little background of this cocktail: it refers to the seats in an arena of bullfight. When you buy a ticket, you have two option: to buy cheaper ones in sunny side of an arena, or to buy more expensive tickets in the shade.  

The process is easy: take a cocktail shaker, put a few cubes of ice in it, pour 1/2 brandy, 1/2 sweet anis, and shake everything well. Sol y Sombra cocktail has the light orange color as the sunset and sophisticated taste. It is strong, so you can enjoy it slowly and discover the joy of not rushing.