Going to a Bartending School

It goes without saying that to be a good doctor or engineer, you need to study relevant fields for quite a few years. But is it really necessary to do so if you aspire to become a famous singer, an influential artist, or a world-famous bartender? The answer can be no, but it can also be yes. Depending on your natural talents and your ability to learn from practice, there might not be any need to attend any school for subjects like these at all. After all, it’s not just precision and technicalities but also creativity that play a major role in being an accomplished and recognized bartender. However, if one wants to kickstart their bartending career very quickly or immediately start at more upper-end venues instead of small local pubs, a bartending school should not be frowned upon. However, bartending schools can be notoriously expensive and the education there might not match expectations, thus it is crucial to evaluate your opportunities before making such a choice.

Things to consider

Before you pick a school, take into account some of what it offers. Since bartending is a flexible profession, same applies to the certificates issued by different institutions. Make sure the school you are looking at issues certificates that are valid internationally and acknowledged in the industry, otherwise it will be just a useless sheet of paper. It is also a good sign if bartending schools offer some sort of job placement assistance, especially if the range of restaurants, bars and other venues you can choose from. If the school is good, their graduates will be a desirable addition to most bars. Also, take a look at the program’s length and compare it to the amount of money you are required to pay for it. Research (do not be afraid to contact their admissions office or anyone else who might have relevant information) and find out what is included in the price and whether the school offers any legitimate bartending practice during the courses; one thing is to know how to mix a drink, another to know how to sell and serve it to a customer!

European Bartender School

From a complete novice to a semi-experienced bartender with a few years of experience under their belt, everyone will be able to find courses and classes to benefit their knowledge about bartending. It is the largest and the most famous bartending school in the world and it is usually the top pick of everyone who is looking to launch their career in this industry very successfully. They have an impressive number of accredited instructors, most of whom happen to be world-class bartenders with multiple awards from competitions and long years of experience, they have Bacardi, William Grant & Sons, Campari, Rose’s Cordial among others as their partners and their intensive 4-week course guarantees that the person will walk out as a skilled and confident professional.

Some other schools worth considering (some of which are online):

  • ABC Bartending School.
  • Bartender and Barista.
  • New York Bartending School.
  • Columbia Bartending School.
Bartending School
Bartending School