Greatest Cocktails of All Time

When it comes to cocktails there are endless options, it seems that each time you step into a bar there are new drinks on the menu and more options to choose from. How can you know what are the best drinks, what kind of drinks you’ll like or what order? It can be intimidating when you are faced with an endless menu of cocktails and you have no idea what to order. We have comprised a list of the world’s greatest cocktails, the classics that will never go out of style and that will more than satisfy your taste buds a lot of the cocktails you see in bars are even based on these cocktails. With this list you’ll be sure that you get a great drink each and every time you order.

The Classic Martini

This drink is so iconic, it is used in film and script all around the world. You no doubt can think of a few iconic actors or characters that have been known to drink this cocktail. Even the glass itself is known as the martini glass. It is a sophisticated drink, one that a cultured and expensive man would drink. If you like alcohol straight up and don’t mind the taste of a string drink this is the cocktail for you.

The Daiquiri

This is the go to of sour cocktails – it’s simple, fresh yet yummy and satisfying. It combines run, lime and little bit of sugar. It’s similar to the margarita, just substituting tequila for rum, for many though tequila is not a friend and so the daiquiri is a safer option.

The Old Fashioned

This cocktail is named after the fact that it is the earliest cocktail on record. It is relatively simple to make and there isn’t much to it, however it has such a delicious taste that it has lasted through the generations. With a rye or bourbon base, mixed with sugar and bitters there really isn’t much to it. There are many variations of the classic and they typically are well done, if you are a whiskey fan this is the drink for you.

The Tom Collins

This tall drink is refreshing and inspiring. It has led to many other great drinks and for good reason. It’s similar to a gin sours that has been lengthened with soda. It’s another simple drink to make but so refreshing and tasty.

The Bloody Mary

The breakfast drink, the only drink you can drink in the morning, with so many add on its almost not a drink anymore. Almost everyone can do a good Bloody Mary, it’s one of those drinks that even the dirtiest of bars will be able to pull off, or perhaps that’s because your hungover when you drink it and anything tastes decent.

The Bloody Mary
The Bloody Mary

The Bellini

When you want champagne, but you want a little more than champagne the Bellini is the perfect cocktail for you. It’s low in alcohol so you can drink a few if you so desire. It adds sugar and bitters to a glass of champagne and takes it to another dimension.