History of Cocktails

In summary, we can easily and quickly describe cocktail as a mixture of alcoholic drinks, but that alone will not be enough. Cocktails could be mixtures of alcohol and juice with other fruits or it can also be a mixture of alcohol with juice or and iced tea. Due to the fashionable and trendy paths of drinking in today’s world, we often confuse mocktails and cocktails with each other. While the later must contain alcohol, the former is just a mixture if drinks without alcohol. What differentiate mocktail from cocktail is only The presence of alcohol in cocktail which is totally absent in mocktail.

Looking to the origin of cocktails, there had been many theories surrounding the birth of this now trending form of drinks, but the strongest of them all is from the French word “conquetier” which means a measure cup that has a shape if an egg. Far back as the 1500s, “Punch” (mixed drinks) had been made, but if the origin or the invasion of cocktail could be ascertain, then it would be in the 1800s. Although the word ‘cocktail’ first appeared in a publication by bartender’s newspaper in 1806, but the first cocktail party to ever hold was held in 1917, hosted by Mrs Julius S. Walsh Jr at Missouri, St. Louis in the month of May. The host invited about fifty guests to a party that lasted for about an hour and the venue for that party that was later bought by Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis and been used as the local residence of its archbishops still stands till date.

Cocktails drink hsitory

Due to the United States prohibition law that lasted between 1919 to 1933, which made alcoholic beverages a crime and illegal, the consumption of cocktails was also illegal and could only be found in illegal establishment known “speakeasies”.

Late in the 1960s to 1970s, the production and consumption of cocktails reduced, but later came back to life and rose in the 1980s with the replacement of original gin with Vodka in producing the Martini cocktail. In the 2000s ,cocktails gained ground and it has been accepted generally since in all parts of the world. If cocktails could be described or differentiated from other drinks, it could only be because of the presence of bitters. A typical cocktail consist of mixtures of spirits, water sugar and bitters, which may not be present in other non – cocktails drinks. In culture, cocktails has bee the most featured, some cocktails were even invented because of these popular cultures, also in literature and films. A long list of cocktails includes May Queen, Whiskey Sour, Scotch Mist, 7&7, Rob Roy, Flaming French 75, Manhattan cocktails, etc.

Cocktails are one of the most popular and common alcoholic drinks of our time, they’re very popular in the party scene and are considered a very classy and fancy beverage. Now there are a countless amount of different types and styles of this famous drink, everything ranging from super strong to really sweet.