How to Become a Professional Bartender

Bartending is usually a gig you take up for a couple of summers when you need to make some extra cash or simply want to have fun without spending any money and earning some instead. However, if we take a look at bartending and mixology on a higher level, it’s an art form of its own standing. People who work at the high-end bars and exclusive clubs most often have dedicated their entire professional life to bartending, and it’s incredible what they can do. Getting there is not easy though. If you’re considering becoming one of these people and doing bartending professionally, these are some of the steps that should be included into your journey.

Practice at home

Start small – get a couple of bottles that mix into a variety of cocktails, a good shaker, some serving glasses and decorations. These days, there is a YouTube channel for anything. Use this resourceful platform to learn the basics of bartending, get good at making a couple of basic cocktails, treat your friends during house parties and get feedback. When you feel confident you have some skill, proceed to the next step. And if you don’t seem to be able to develop the excellence necessary to serve people well, fear not. There are numerous great bartending schools all over the world as well as online that will equip you with all the right knowledge and mixing techniques.

Get a job at a local bar

There is no better way of practicing something than actually getting out there and doing it! Mixing cocktails at the comfort of your own home and impressing your visitors might be very fun, but bartending in real world can get really stressful – long lines, demanding customers and multitasking will be something you might need to deal with on general basis. It’s best to get a taste of that before you dive all in.

Participate in bartending classes

While you might not necessarily need to get a degree in this field to get to the very top, most prestigious establishments will probably want to see some kind of proof of you testing various techniques and trying to learn new skills. Plus, masterclasses offered by world-class bartenders might actually turn out to be extremely interesting and useful as these people have some stellar tips to share. Even if it’s online, it’s not a 2-year degree, so never miss out on a chance to learn something new.

Develop your personal bartending style

The most crucial part of really making it in the industry is having your signature drinks and distinct style. It doesn’t even need to be taste-related, you can come up with creative ways of mixing drinks, but you need something that would make you stand out and make people want to get a drink from your specifically. Signature cocktails, of course, are the most memorable of all options for a bartender that wants to stand out. Once you have a good one, you’re ready to test the big waters and try to get a job at one of the top bars in town.