How To Make Great Cocktails

If you’re just entering the fascinating world of bartending, perhaps you tend to get frustrated at times with how your cocktails end up, as mastering the art of preparing drinks is something that takes a lot of time and dedication. Moreover, you also must find the right tools and ingredients to make a nice cocktail, and all the little details really matter when you try to make a difference and stand out with your beverages. We’ll give you a few pointers on how to make tasteful and enjoyable cocktails.

Use New Booze

Crazy as it may sound, there’s a lot of different things between those bottles that have just come to the store from those that have been on the shelves for months, and old liquor can take a major toll on your cocktail. The quality of recently produced booze will help your drinks stand out. Also, you must think of this as an investment, so we would advise you to avoid cheap liquor if you want to be great at this.

Use Fresh Ingredients

You must always get the fresher ingredients if you want your cocktails to be tasty. Also, you should avoid those pre-packed fruits, juices and vegetables when you could get them right out of the fruit. If you want to make a cocktail whose main ingredient is some kind of fruit, try to avoid artificially flavored ingredients or chemicals. These little things can really help you take your cocktail’s taste up a notch.



Even if it doesn’t sound important, you must be extremely careful with temperature when making a drink. If you serve a cold drink, you must try and cool your glasses in order to help the cocktails stay cold for a longer period of time. This step is as simple as putting the glass in the fridge for a couple of minutes or just pouring cold water or ice while you’re mixing the drink. Obviously, this rule also applies when serving a hot beverage. You need to warm up your glass at least a little bit to preserve the temperature of the cocktail.


Not all cocktails can be decorated but you should really try and give that extra touch whenever you can. Add a piece of lemon, orange, or any special ingredient to help it look better to the naked eye. Notably, those extra ingredients must help the cocktail’s taste as well. A good Martini needs those olives to take the flavor up a notch, and obviously, those ingredients must be carefully picked and really fresh.


Measures and precision are the two main ingredients when we talk about bartending. These may take some extra work, but it makes a lot of difference, even if veteran bartenders think it’s unnecessary and rather skip that step. Measuring the exact amount for every ingredient will help you make sure you’re making the cocktail the right way, and it will help you achieve a better balance between ingredients and give them the exact taste and texture you want them to have. It may seem like extra work, but it’s definitely worthy.