Learn How to Make Refreshing +21 Popsicles

When the heat of summer begins to stroke, it’s there a better way to chill off than with a delicious homemade popsicle? But wait! Even better if they are these ones, an attractive option when you’re hot and also craving a cocktail in a different presentation, prepare these treats and shares it with friends on a hot afternoon. Keep reading and learn how are made these boozy ice-cold pops.

Once you master the basic technique you can follow any of the recipes that can be found online, from those inspired by classic cocktails such as mimosas, to the well-known booze and juice or making your own spirituous frozen creations, imagination is the limit!

The Ingredients

To make these popsicles you can use seasonal fruits and mixed it up with the alcoholic drink of your choice; be it rum, vodka, tequila, wine or even beer. As a base to these cocktails, you can use juices, milk, coconut milk, coffee, commercial cocktails mix, soft drinks, and commercial bases for ice cream or pops.

The Ingredients
The Ingredients

To give the popsicles an extra touch, you can add minced fresh fruit, or simply cover the frozen cocktails with melted chocolate, a pinch of salt or even chili powder, as it goes to the preparation. This treat can be even more interesting by filling it with syrups or condensed milk and also use lemon slices as the base of the pop.

What do You Need?

The first thing is being up to get a little drunk! Then you’ll need the ingredients according to the recipe, a blender, a potent freezer and molds to make the poptails. It’s possible to find molds to prepare these homemade popsicles on the internet or in specialized pastry stores, but if you didn’t find any, chill out because you can improvise molds at home with plastic cups and wooden sticks for crafting.

The Basics

Before making the pops it’s important to bear in mind that the freezing point of alcohol is very low, so to make perfect frozen popsicles that actually  freezes and maintain the shape when leaving the mold, it’s suitable to use half of the measure of the respective alcoholic beverage that is used for a standard cocktail.

The process consists of preparing the cocktail, putting it in a mold and freezing it at a temperature of -30 degrees for about 3 or 4 hours depending on the cocktail and the amount of alcohol contained in some preparations may require to stay overnight in the freezer. To free the palettes from the mold, put them for a few seconds under the tap, with warm water. If you use plastic cups instead of molds, you can cut the cups with scissors. These are the basic to create these delicious treats.


A few drops of lemon will enhance the flavor of any frozen cocktail, also it preserves the color of the fruit and gives a special taste to the preparation. It’s important to follow the recipes and respect the base/alcohol ratio so that the pops can reach the freezing point if you are experimenting your own recipes keep in mind the principles mentioned above.

Don’t be afraid of sweet, these poptails require a little more sugar than a normal cocktail to accentuate the frozen flavors. Using fresh fruit instead of prepared juices gives the cocktail more fiber and texture. Another interesting way to consume these popsicles is by placing it on a glass with champagne or cava.

Those are perfect to share in an outdoor meal, but beware! It should be consumed with moderation because, due to the small amount of alcohol they can contain, it’s easy to lose track and drink too much booze without noticing it…