More Easy Cocktails You Can Make At Home

If you’re an enthusiast of drinks and want to enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the comfort of your home, a nice homemade cocktail can be a huge stress reliever. But obviously, you don’t want to drink too many of them, but fret not! we’re here to give you some tips so that your end-of-the-week cocktail doesn’t leave you with a hangover.

When drank with moderation and caution, cocktails can be a great way to put an end to a rough week. Hell, even a couple of glasses of wine can help you reduce your heart issues an impressive 40%, as per several studies. There are a handful of cocktails that can be easily prepared, either because they don’t need many ingredients, or just because they don’t have many steps on the recipe. Today, we’re going to let you know about some of them:


Let’s be honest here: who doesn’t love a good-old Margarita? This cocktail is versatile and there are a huge variety of ingredients you could use to prepare it. You can make Mango Margaritas, Frozen Margaritas, Tequila Margaritas or whatever you want. But the original recipe only needs tequila, triple-sec, lime juice, and tons of ice.


Black Russian

The Black Russian is a strong, but simple drink with a one-of-a-kind texture. If you want to taste it, all you need to do is mix ice with vodka and coffee liquor and then you’re all set. Also, there’s the White Russian, hiss twin brother, in which case you’ll have to replace the coffee liquor with creme fraiche.

Gin and Tonic

Classic, simple, strong, fresh and elegant. The gin and tonic is the ultimate British cocktail, but there’s a bunch of different ways to recreate its unique flavor. You can prepare this drink in under a minute and it’s perfect for a hot evening, as you’ll only need gin, tonic, lemon, and a lot of ice.


The Whisk-cola is arguably the easiest drink you’ll ever have to make. Also, it’s ideal for those who think Whiskey on the rocks is too much of a strong drink for them. As you can tell by its name, you must simply mix whiskey with Coke Soda and ice and then you’re all set. Also, you don’t have to drink it on a short glass like most whiskey drinks.


The Bellini is one of Italy’s most well-known drinks. It’s soft, delicate, sweet and really easy to make. If you want to taste it, you’ll need to rush to the convenience store and get some champagne, peach schnapps, white wine and some ice. This drink is perfect to enjoy on a summer afternoon by the pool surrounded by your friends.

Cuba Libre

Preparing a Cuba Libre will only take you a couple of seconds, but it’ll be a life-changing experience for those who haven’t had one yet. This one’s arguably the most popular drink in Latin America and you can tell why right away. To prepare it, you just need some good rum, lemon juice, Coca Cola, and ice. Careful, you’ll want to have a dozen of these.