Must Have Cocktail Tools

Making a great cocktail may seem easy at first, after all how much can go into it? A few ingredients, you stir them together and then you have a cocktail, right? Think again, there is a reason bars can charge so much for a craft made cocktail, because there is a lot of work that goes into crafting the perfect concoction. They use special ingredients and most importantly they have an array of tools at their disposal to help make the process that much easier. Many of these tools you can buy and have in your own how to make your cocktail making experience that much easier as well. Here are a few of the best tools to buy for you at home cocktail making kit.

Cocktail Shaker

The most common shaker is the metal shaker with a tight-fitting top and a strainer. They come in many different designs and styles but they all have the same purpose, to mix the ingredients of a cocktail and serve it easily into a glass.

Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Shaker

A Strainer

When you mix a drink, whether it be shaken or stirred with ice you will then need to strain it before pouring it into the glass. This will separate not only the ice but also any fruit, herbs or other ingredients that were used in the making of the cocktail. A Hawthorne strainer is the most popular and common strainer, it has a coil around the strainer that helps it stay in place when pouring.

A Jigger

A jigger is a metal measuring device, it has two cones, one on either side of each other. They are used to measure out shots for the cocktails. One larger than the other so you can get two different measurements. This is necessary if you want to make consistent cocktails.

A Bar Spoon

This is not just any old spoon. It has a long shaft that allows it to reach to the bottom of a tall glass. It also has small holes into the spoon to help with layering alcohols. After you use this tool once you will realize that you can’t make a cocktail without one.

A Muddler

A muddle is a very thick stick, it can be made of various material from wood, stainless steel or plastic, and it is used to smash the ingredients at the bottom of a glass or shaker. You will see them being used to muddle sugar and herbs or fruits along with simple syrups or alcohols to create fresh flavours for cocktails.

Other great tools to have at your bar are ice tools. These would include an ice bucket, tongs and or scoops and even ice crushers. These are very helpful if you are serving many people at once as they help you to work more speedily. If you are making frozen drinks it can also be useful to have a blender on hand to make those yummy frozen margaritas. There are so many aspects that go into making the perfect cocktail, but with fresh quality ingredients and these tools you will no doubt succeed.