The Bellini Cocktail

For the lovers of cocktail and parties, if you have not heard of the famous Bellini cocktail then you should change your regular party venues. The Bellini is an Italian cocktail invented around 1934–1948 by the legendary mixer, Giuseppe Cipriani. Cipriani is the founder of the Harry’s bar located somewhere in Venice, Italy. The drink was christened “Bellini” by Giuseppe Cipriani because the clear pink colour is closer to his favourite 15th-century painter and artist Giovanni Bellini, who painted a toga saint in pink.

The drink was originally a special treat that is seasonal at Harry’s bar, it started gaining popularity and locals in Venice fell in love with the cocktail. The drink started competing with other classical like Sinclair, Orson Welles, and even Ernest Hemingway. The cocktail moved away from Italy and became very popular at Harry’s bar in New York since then it has found its way into every bar and cocktail café around the world. It became all-around specials in many bars and was loved by many fans of the cocktail.

The Bellini cocktail grew in popularity and became the official cocktail of many organizations and outfits like the IBA. So many other cocktail mixers have even modified the drink and made their own version of the recipe, tweaking the ingredients but retaining the original flavour. The Bellini cocktail is made from pureed white peaches and prosecco, the prosecco is a sparkling white wine from Italy. The concept originated from marinating fresh peaches into sparkling white wine, which is an Old Italian tradition. The original recipe by Giuseppe Cipriani was made with raspberry or cherry, this addition gave it that pink glow. But over the years, the unavailability of fresh cherry and raspberry has led to several modifications of the recipe and now different bar has their own different version.

In America, white peach from California is normally used for the recipe. Occasionally, yellow peaches or even peach nectar can be used to replace white peach, in situations where white peaches are not available, and the flavour needs to be dampened. Some varieties of the cocktail are made with other fruit flavours and even flavoured spirits like apple schnapps. All these are used to replace the peach puree especially when it is out of season.

Peach nectar
Peach nectar

The family of the creator of this fine wine still produces the “Cipriani Bellini Base” as the signature cocktail for Harry’s bar and restaurants all over the world. When the prosecco, which is the sparkling wine used in marinating the peach is not available, other white wines can be used as a substitution. For the non-alcoholic version of “Beeline”. Sparking seltzer of fruit juice can be used in place of the prosecco. So many other wines and champagne do not go well when used as the prosecco as the contradicting flavour dents the light, peachy taste of the cocktail.

So, when next you hit a bar, ask for the “Bellini” cocktail and have a piece of this amazing drink, you will surely ask for more.