The Best Cocktails to Relax and Unwind

When it comes to cocktails, there are endless amounts of mixes and variations to try. If you’re out at a restaurant or bar, there are always new drinks on the menu to try out. When you’re shopping for ingredients to make your favorite drinks at home, there’s rum, tequila, whiskey, and bourbon to choose from, not to mention the syrups, fruits, and sodas as mixers. Sometimes the best drink is one that is super simple, one that you can mix up quickly at home, and that is perfect for when you just want to unwind after a long day of working. Here’s the best cocktails to relax and unwind with.

Scotch and soda

Scotch and soda is a simple and straightforward cocktail that does you right every time. Since some people don’t prefer the smoky taste of scotch, having it with soda is a great way to enjoy a good scotch without completely masking its flavors. Sometimes at the end of a long day, all you want to do is kick up your feet while binge watching your favorite Netflix shows. Whichever you choose, scotch is the perfect cocktail to relax with.

New York Sour

Even though the drink is named after the city that never sleeps, it is the perfect cocktail to have after a rough day that is sure to put you to sleep. This drink is essentially a whiskey sour, but boasts a red wine float that looks amazing and tastes even better. Sometimes the only way to unwind and get a good night’s rest is to sip yourself to sleep and there’s no better cocktail to get the job done than the New York sour.


Another New York staple, the Manhattan is a delicious classic and the perfect way to cap off the night. This classic drink has remained on menus all over the world for many years and for good reason. This three ingredient whiskey is sure to please, whether you’re kicking back with friends or having a few sips with a small meal before ending your night. The Manhattan is the perfect soothing cocktail to put you at ease.


Hot Toddy

When it’s cold outside, this is the perfect drink to have at the end of the night. Unless you live in Alaska, though, you can really only enjoy this soothing drink during the winter months. The steaming hot drink has just the right amount of spice to soothe you all over and calm you down. This drink is also the go to for people who have the cold or flu. However, it’s perfect for when you’re feeling your best, especially if you just want to relax with your significant other.

The Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned lives up to its name because it’s everyone’s favorite and one of the greatest cocktails of all time. You can’t go wrong with this delicious bourbon drink. It’s super simple to make with just a few ingredients and there are many variations of the drink that dates back for hundreds of years. This is the perfect drink to sip while playing adult games like at or at This old drink is sure to take your mind off the stresses of your day.

White Russian

If you’re a coffee lover, this cocktail is the perfect drink for you to relax with. Made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream, this cocktail easily tops the list as one of the best nightcaps. It’s a smooth and delicious drink with just the right amount of flavors. It’s creamy and cozy, tempting you to get under the covers and put on your favorite flick. What better way to unwind?

Vodka Martini

A vodka martini or vodkatini is a classic drink that you can find on almost any movie from way back in the day until now. It is a very popular drink among people, from soccer moms to businessmen. The vodka martini is very simple to make and is usually garnished with an olive or strip of lemon. Whether you enjoy this cocktail with dinner or relaxing by the fireplace before bed, you’re sure to enjoy it!

Glass of white wine

You can’t go wrong with a good old glass of white wine. There is no better way to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work than with a chilled glass of wine to take away all of life’s worries. The best thing about wine is that you get a nice buzz, but there’s no way to have a hangover, which makes it the perfect drink to have at the end of the night. Head to the store, pick up your favorite brand, and enjoy a delicious glass that’s guaranteed to make you feel good.