The World’s Most Bizarre Cocktails

Everybody knows that people’s guiltiest pleasures always come on a high glass with a lot of ice. Who doesn’t enjoy a fine drink? Who doesn’t love to sit down at the end of a rough day and share a nice cocktail with friends and family? Still, more often than not, people could get bored with the same old drinks over and over. Obviously, there are thousands of different mixes and cocktails one could try, but at the end of the day, they’re all slight variations from one another.

People love to take risks; they love a challenge. What’s usual and common tends to be boring, but what’s new and daring it’s always exciting, even though most conservative people would rather take the high road. So, would you try a cocktail that features unorthodox ingredients? Would you dare to close your eyes and take a sip of a drink not knowing what secrets it holds? Throughout the course of history, some of the finest and most creative bartenders have put together some interesting and bizarre mixes you won’t find in many places. Today, we’re going to let you know about some of the most bizarre cocktails ever:

Infected Whitehead Shot

If you think this cocktail has a strange name, wait until you see it. Honestly, it’s not exactly appealing to the eye, but it has a delicious taste that will keep you wanting more after the first shot. The infected whitehead shot is a combination of Bloody Mary, vodka, and cheese, so people aren’t exactly crazy about it when they read its description on the menu.

Rat Wine

There’s not much explaining to do here. Rat Wine is wine with rats. Yes, you heard it. Yes, we’re serious. Mostly served in Asia, Rat Wine is a slightly fermented wine served on a short glass mixed with some tiny dead mice. We wouldn’t judge you if you wanted to skip this one, though, as it doesn’t look good at all.

Wakey, Wakey, Mary, Eggs, and Bakey

Have you ever been drunk during breakfast? Well, this drink may solve many problems all at once. On one hand, you’ll have a full meal at your disposal, and on the other, you’ll definitely won’t be hungover. This infamous cocktail features Irish beer, bacon, quail eggs, melted cheese, tomato, celery, and hot sauce. Are you freaking kidding me?

Smoker’s Cough

Well, if you thought to drink a shot with the word ‘infected’ on it was bizarre, what about a zip of some good-old smoker’s cough? This has to be one of the most tasteful, yet strange drinks ever made, as it’s a combination of Jägermeister with mayonnaise. It’s not for everybody and it has a weird texture, but you must try it at least once.


Well, this is where I draw the line, but just in case you actually want to try it, let’s talk about the Sourtoe cocktail. Actually, the Sourtoe isn’t a particular drink at all, but an actual finger. Yes, people enjoy their drink with a preserved amputated finger, and the legend claims you must drink it while sticking your lips on the finger. No, thanks.