Top Cocktail Bars Throughout Europe

Europe is blessed with some of the best cocktail bars around the world. Irrespective of the season, they each serve awesome mixed drinks that are just super refreshing. Below are some top cocktail bars in Europe you should try out the next time you visit.

The Jerry Thomas Project — Rome, Italy

The speakeasy cocktail bar was established in 2010 and named after the cocktail king himself, Jerry Thomas, who basically wrote the cocktail bible in the late 1800s. The cocktail bar located down a small alley is near the bustling Campo dei Fiori. But you have to be admitted to the bar first. To be allowed in, you just have to buzz the right name (Dr. Jerry Thomas) and then respond to the bi-weekly question. Upon entry, you’ll head to your table or the bar where you’ll receive a membership card and the menu. Now you can relax and enjoy an exquisite offering of handcrafted cocktails in the small smoke-filled, candle-lit room with some background jazz till 4 am.

Red House — Paris, France

Serving one of the best frozen strawberry daiquiris in Paris is Red House. It is one of the coziest cocktail bars in Europe where fresh daiquiris prepared seasonally with only fresh French strawberries. This is a great cocktail bar in Paris that serve refreshing cocktails for each season, including Parisian Pearl (gin, lime, prosecco, mint, and absinthe), Green Door (rum Blanco, orgeat, falernum, lime, and absinthe), Orangutan (monkey shoulder, Curacao, vermouth, Campari, and bitters), and Red House Old Fashioned (rye, pimento dram, Drambuie, and cardamon). If visiting Paris in July, you can join the Red House 4th of July party.

Dogma — Antwerp, Belgium

Dogma is an awesome cocktail bar that serves exquisitely detailed and sometimes interactive cocktails in Antwerp. The small book of handwritten and illustrated menu is fun to peruse with its many different great-tasting cocktail options. The upscale vibe of the bar is balanced with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Some fun drinks to try out include the interactive Aix en Provence (lavender, honey, thyme, lemon and pine nuts) and the classic Tall Dragon (Hendricks gin, cucumber, ginger, and rosewater).

Noel — Athens, Greece

Athens’ Holiday Bar, Noel, is a cocktail bar was decked out in classy, elegant decor some great background jazz music. You can discuss and taste the various cocktails options with the awesome bartenders, among which is the Bacardi Legacy cocktail competitor Stamatis Stamatiadas. Check out Noel’s The Wanderer (Bacardi Carta Blanca, a tarragon-hops syrup, an orange bitter aperitif, and apple cider vinegar), a wonderful creation of the aforementioned Stamatiadas.

Bramble Bar — Edinburgh, Scotland

The Bramble Bar is a cozy cocktail bar in Edinburgh marked by a small brass plaque, its affable bartenders, and the superb mixed drinks. While you might meet an empty bar during the day, it is usually packed on weekend nights. Wondering which of the epic cocktails to try first? Their eponymous cocktail, Bramble (gin, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and creme de mures), is a good place to start.