Trendy Cocktail and Preparations

Yes! Its the beginning of the year and I think its finally time to upgrade your cocktail menu to the latest in the season. I know you don’t want a drink that is best served right next to a fireplace or such, I think you deserve a cool, refreshing and well prepared cocktail, a drink that gives you the best satisfaction and feelings of joy and relaxed mind. Talk of classic Margarita, the sweet Mojito, the Salty bird and lots more. There are cocktails that are classics and then there are those that are more trendy. Here are some trendy cocktails and how to get them ready.

The Salty Bird

In preparing this cocktail, you will need the following recipes… 0.75 oz of campari, 1.5 oz of aged rum, 0.5 oz of fresh lime juice, 1.5 oz of fresh pineapple juice, pinch of salt, 0.5 oz of simple syrup and dehydrated pineapple which is very optional. After you have gathered all these recipes, combine them, shake together and strain them into a glass of ice. Add little pinch of salt and the dehydrated pineapple.

Finger-Stirred Negroni

All you need to prepare this cocktail are 1 oz of campari,1 oz of Cinzano Rossi Vermouth, 1 oz of Tanqueray gin. Combined together, stir and strain over ice, and add little orange twist to vanish it.

The Parrot’s Grog

Get 1 oz of campari, 0.5 oz of smith and cross, 1 oz of fresh grapefruit juice, 0.5 oz of fresh lime juice,club soda and 0.5 oz of honey syrup. Combine all these together, shake and strain, add little club soda and serve with either paper straw or umbrella straw.

Mint Julep

Just three ingredients to prepare this cocktail. 1 table spoon of Sugar, 3 oz of Bourbon and Crushed iced. How to prepare: Get a chilled highball glass or pewter cup and lase the bottom with about 5-6 mint leave. Add sugar and stir gently, add the crushed ice, add the Bourbon stir gently and garnish with mint leaf.

The Classic Margarita

2 oz of Silver Tequila, 1 oz of Cointreau and 1 oz of Lime Juice is all you need to prepare this cocktail. Rub the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with lime juice, dipped into coarse salt. Add the tequila Cointreau and line juice together and shake well. Strain the mixture into a glass and add ice and lime wedge.

The Classic Margarita
The Classic Margarita

Strawberry Basil Bourbon Lemonade

This cocktail is one of the best and trending cocktail. It is prepared with 2 cups of strawberries, 2table spoons of Sugar, 8 oz of Bourbon, half cup of fresh lemon juice bitters, 12 basil leaves and 8 basil springs. Pour the strawberries into a blender and add sugar (two spoons) then blend together, heat the mixture to boiling pont then stop heating. Allow the mixture to cool strain with a sieve and serve with ice. Other trending cocktails are: The pina Colada, The sidecar, The Mojito, The Close shave, The Raspberg gin Rickey, etc.